Saperavi Wine Agency


Country: Georgia     Region: Kakheti, Kartli and Imereti

Our white wines of DoReMi:

DoReMi Mtsvane White 2019

Our orange wines of DoReMi:

DoReMi Chinebuli Amber 2019

DoReMi Mtsvane Amber 2019

DoReMi Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane Amber 2019

Our red wines of DoReMi:

DoReMi Saperavi 2019

The DoReMi Wine Cellar is the project of two winemakers friends: Giorgi Tsirghvava and Mamuka Tsiklauri. Since 2014 they have been harvesting organically grown grapes from vineyards in different parts of Georgia: Kakheti, Kartli and Imereti. All DoRemi wines are made in so-called qvevris. Large earthenware pots, buried in the cellar. DoReMi does not add additives, they do not filter or clarify and they use an absolute minimum of sulfites.

Wijn van DoReMi kopen in Nederland en België

The different Georgian provinces also have different traditions for making natural wines in the qvevri. In Kakheti, for example, all the skins and also the (ripe) stems of the grapes are traditionally fermented in the qvevri. In the Eastern Kartli, the winemakers only use part of the skins and the stems are not fermented with it. Giorgi and Mamuka follow these traditions.

They make all the wines in their own qvevri cellar about 70 kilometers from the capital Tbilisi. DoReMi makes a fairly wide variety of wines from the likes of Mtsvane, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Chinuri and Tavkveri grapes. They are very authentic wines, unpolished and often for the advanced enthusiast, but always clean and spotless.