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Edi Simčič

Country: Slovenia     Region: Goriška Brda

Our white wines of Edi Simčič:

Edi Simcic Triton White 2018

Our red wines of Edi Simčič:

Edi Simcic Duet 2019

The wines of Edi Simčič are among the best wines of Slovenia. Shortly after the fall of the wall, Edi started his wine business with a clear mission: to make the best wines in the ancient terroir of the Goriška Brda region. He succeeded. Son Aleks now runs the small wine company. His wines are all aged in oak barrels. They have a long-kept potential and an undisputed high quality.

Wijn van Edi Simčič kopen in Nederland en België

The terroir of the vineyards of Edi Simčič are located on the hills of Goriška Brda between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea in western Slovenia. As a technical employee of the local wine cooperative, Edi knew exactly which vineyards to acquire in 1990. South-facing slopes with a soil rich in minerals.

All Edi Simčič wines are fermented and aged in oak barrels. Only a low yield per hectare is picked. The juice is therefore concentrated and the wines firm and full. They are real food wines that can generally be kept for years in the cellar.

Alek and Edi mainly have white grapes in the vineyard. Important is the Rebula, perhaps the most typical grape of the region. They also make wine from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Friulano and Pinot Gris. Their red wines are made from the 'Bordeaux grapes' Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.