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Saperavi Wine Agency

We distribute throughout Europe and act as Wine Agents.

Tbilvino Thanisch
Once, Tbilvino was the largest wine company in the Soviet Union. Much has changed since the fall of the Iron Curtain.
Château Purcari Thanisch
Château Purcari is the most successful winery from Moldavia. In the nineteenth century already, Purcari wines were loved and famous throughout Europe.
Gotsa Family Wines Thanisch
Gotsa Family Wines is the small winery of Beka Gotzadze and his family. Beka works biodynamic and makes natural wines that are as unique as his own personality.
Koncho & Co Thanisch
Koncho & Co is a medium sized Georgian wine company that makes both conventional wines and (orange) wines from the Qvevri (large amphorae). The winemakers are trained in Germany and use the typical Georgian grape varieties.