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DoReMi Thanisch
The DoReMi Wine Cellar is the project of two winemakers friends: Giorgi Tsirghvava and Mamuka Tsiklauri. Since 2014 they have been harvesting organically grown grapes from vineyards in different parts of Georgia: Kakheti, Kartli and Imereti. All DoRemi wines are made in so-called qvevris. Large earthenware pots, buried in the cellar. DoReMi does not add additives, they do not filter or clarify and they use an absolute minimum of sulfites.
Kapistoni Winery Thanisch
Kapistoni Winery is a small, young winery from the Georgian province of Kartlia, close to the capital Tbilisi. Kapistoni is the life's work of Niko Chochishvili. He immigrated from the United States in 2010. The winemaking was then first a 'side job', but Niko is very enthusiastic. Winemaking is his calling. In 2017 he had a wine cellar built and since then his passion has been his (life) work. He makes natural wines in qvevri'. They are clean and pure. He uses grape varieties that are rare even in Georgia.
Domaine d'Escausses Thanisch
Domaine d'Escausses is the centuries old winery of the Balaran family from Sainte-Croix in the French wine region Gaillac, directly opposite the famous cathedral of Albi.
Timbrus Thanisch
Timbrus Purcari Estate is a fairly young Moldovan wine producer. They started winemaking in 2009 according to modern European standards. With 150 hectares of vineyards and modern cellar equipment. Unlike many other Moldovan wineries, Timbrus does not make bulk, but only premium wines with a designation of origin. The winemaker and co-owner is Spaniard Manuel Ortiz.