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Weinhaus Thanisch Thanisch
Weinhaus Thanisch is an old family business from the German Mosel. The vineyards are right on the banks of the Mosel in the village of Lieser. Winemaker Jërg Thanisch makes modern wines from the grapes from the Mosel region.
Sveti Martin Thanisch
In 1880 Peter Stegovec bought a vineyard in the Vipava Valley in western Slovenia. Five generations later, his namesake Peter is still making wines from the same vineyard. He works organically, but without a certificate. Averse to trends but according to the traditions of his family. White and orange from Pinela, Zelen and Rebula grapes. And red from Barbara and Merlot. Peter Stegovec's orange and red wines are spontaneously fermented and not filtered. Handwriting of this winemaker is purity and sophistication.
Novak Winery Thanisch
Novak is a young Moldovan winery headed by winemaker Andrey Novak. He has his vineyards in the south of Moldova near the towns of Comrat, Tartaul and Ciobalaccia. Where his father grew the grapes for bulk wines, Andrey wants to make his own wines on a relatively small scale. It distinguishes itself from other Moldovan wineries by mainly focusing on (forgotten) native grape varieties. He has since bottled several wines made from forgotten Moldovan varieties and thus has breathed new life into them.
Kapistoni Winery Thanisch
Kapistoni Winery is a small, young winery from the Georgian province of Kartlia, close to the capital Tbilisi. Kapistoni is the life's work of Niko Chochishvili. He immigrated from the United States in 2010. The winemaking was then first a 'side job', but Niko is very enthusiastic. Winemaking is his calling. In 2017 he had a wine cellar built and since then his passion has been his (life) work. He makes natural wines in qvevri'. They are clean and pure. He uses grape varieties that are rare even in Georgia.