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Country: Romania     Region: Dealu Mare

Our wines from Davino:

Brumar 2017

Domaine Ceptura Rouge 2016

Faurar Alb 2020

Faurar Rosu 2018

Iacob Red 2017

Iacob White 2020

Purpura Valahica Feteasca Neagra 2016

Davino is one of the leading wineries of Romania. In a country well known for bulk wines, this 'boutique winery' opts for high quality.

Purpura Valahica Feteasca Neagra

The vineyards of Davino are located in the Romanian Dealu Mare region, in the middle of the country. A hilly area with various microclimates and lots of sun hours. Epicenter is the wine town Ceptura, which was already famous for wine in the fourteenth century. Davino started here twenty years ago.

Davino works in a natural way. The use of herbicides is kept to a minimum. Instead of spraying, the vineyards plowed several times a year. This prevents erosion and has a positive effect on the micro-organisms in the soil.

Davino makes wine from indigenous grapes from the region such as Fetească Albă, Riesling Italiano and Fetească Neagră. Davino likes to blend them with famous varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. The red varieties are planted in vineyards with clay and iron in the soil. The white varieties in vineyards with slate in the ground.