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Country: Hungary     Region: Tokaj

Our white wines of Paangold:

Tokaji Szamorodni Dry 2003

Our sweet wines of Paangold:

Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet 2019

Tokaji Sargamuskotaly Forditas 2016

Tokaji Aszu Furmint 5 Puttonyos 2013

Paangold Tokaji Sárgamuskotály Aszú 5 Puttonyos 1999

Paangold is a small family business from Tolcsva in the south of the Hungarian wine region Tokaj. The company is led by owner and oenologist Antal Pauleckzi and his son. They make sweet Tokaj wines according to the ancient traditions of the region. But they do a few things differently. For example, they let the wines mature much longer in oak barrels. And a large part of their wines - more than from other Tokaj winemakers - are made from the Muscat grape. Antal loves the special aroma that this grape gives to its exclusive sweet wines.

Wijn van Paangold kopen in Nederland en België

A few years after the fall of the wall, in 1998 Antal started making wine. Over time, he acquired 28 hectares of vineyards. In Tokaj-Hegyalja, as the region is called in full. He grew up there in the town of Tolcsva, among the vines. Winemaking was spoon-fed to him. His father and grandfather also made wine. It was therefore very natural for Antal to study oenology and become a winemaker as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

In the Tokaj, six grape varieties are allowed that can be made for the wines under the region's appellation. The most commonly used are Furmint and Hárslevelű. Although the Muscat blanc à petit grains (in Tokaji it is called Sárgamuskotály) is not an easy grape, Antal has planted this grape the most, in 13 of the 28 hectares. The Muscat gives a distinct and very popular aroma to the sweet Tokaj wines.

At Paangold they let the wines mature for a very long time in oak barrels. Some for twenty years. It is known that sweet Tokaji Aszú wines can age well. But we don't know of any other producer who does it this way. It gives us the unique opportunity to drink old, developed Tokaji wines. That makes the wine company of father and son Pauleckzi very special.