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Country: Moldova     Region: Stefan Voda

Our white wines of Timbrus:

Timbrus Viorica 2022

Timbrus Traminer 2022

Timbrus Polifonia Note 3 2022

Our red wines of Timbrus:

Timbrus Polifonia Note 2 2021

Timbrus Purcari Estate is a fairly young Moldovan wine producer. They started winemaking in 2009 according to modern European standards. With 150 hectares of vineyards and modern cellar equipment. Unlike many other Moldovan wineries, Timbrus does not make bulk, but only premium wines with a designation of origin. The winemaker and co-owner is Spaniard Manuel Ortiz.

Wijn van Timbrus kopen in Nederland en België

Timbru means stamp in Romanian. As with collecting rare stamps, Timbrus wants to make wines that collectors like to have in their cellar. This immediately determines the level of ambition

The choice to purchase and plant vineyards in the village of Purcari, in the east of Moldova, close to the border with Ukraine, is no accident. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, the winery of the same name Purcari has been making wines that are considered to be among the top of Europe. The climate and terroir are extremely favorable. The soil here consists mainly of black earth, with sandy loam and a small amount of rubidium. There are so-called tertiary red deposits, saturated with trace elements of iron.

Climatically, the proximity of the Dniester River and its floodplains is of great importance. They provide the necessary climatic stability and they protect the vineyards against both severe frost and summer heat. The grapes ripen gradually and stably.

Timbrus has planted both local and international grape varieties. The main indigenous grapes are the Rară Neagră, Fetească Neagră and the white, highly aromatic Viorica. In addition, Timbrus makes wines from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot, among others.

The ambition is to build our own tourist facilities within a few years, such as hotel rooms and a restaurant. This is definitely a must for those who not only love adventurous wines but also adventurous holiday destinations.