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Sveti Martin

Country: Slovenia     Region: Vipava Valley

Our white wines of Sveti Martin:

Sveti Martin Rebula 2020

Sveti Martin Zelen 2022

Sveti Martin Pinela 2022

Sveti Martin Rebula 2022

Our rosé wines of Sveti Martin:

Sveti Martin Rosé 2022

Our orange wines of Sveti Martin:

Sveti Martin Rebula Orange 2018

Sveti Martin Pinela Orange 2018

Our red wines of Sveti Martin:

Sveti Martin Barbera 2019

Sveti Martin Tressa Rdece 2018

In 1880 Peter Stegovec bought a vineyard in the Vipava Valley in western Slovenia. Five generations later, his namesake Peter is still making wines from the same vineyard. He works organically, but without a certificate. Averse to trends but according to the traditions of his family. White and orange from Pinela, Zelen and Rebula grapes. And red from Barbara and Merlot. Peter Stegovec's orange and red wines are spontaneously fermented and not filtered. Handwriting of this winemaker is purity and sophistication.

Wijn van Sveti Martin kopen in Nederland en België

The son and grandson of founder Peter Stegovec died young. They left posterity but no extension of the vineyards. Great-grandson Boris did. Step by step he bought new vineyards on the rolling hills in the heart of the Vipava Valley. Currently about six hectares in total. Boris' son Peter is the current winemaker. His cellar is located in the village of Sveti Martin, after which the winery is named.

The vineyards benefit from moderation by the winds from the Mediterranean which is not far as the crow flies. Peter has white Pinela, Zelen and Rebula grapes and red Barbera and Merlot. He makes sparkling and still white wine, orange wine, red wine and sweet wine from dried grapes.

Peter works organically in the vineyard. He has chosen not to have the vineyards certified. This entails a lot of costs and red tape. Peter prefers to work on the basis of trust. He lets his wines ferment spontaneously and does not filter. He is therefore very close to 'natural wine'. He only adds yeasts to his white Pinela, Rebula and Zelen wines and these are also filtered. That is a conscious choice: he wants these wines as fresh and sleek as possible.