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Domaine d'Escausses

Country: France     Region:

Our wines from Domaine d'Escausses:

Cuvée de Drilles 2019

L'Ombre Fraîche 2020

La Croix Petite 2017

La Vigne Blanche 2017

La Vigne de L'Oubli 2016

Sous La Tonelle 2020

Domaine d'Escausses is the centuries old winery of the Balaran family from Sainte-Croix in the French wine region Gaillac, directly opposite the famous cathedral of Albi.

Sous La Tonelle

The domaine extends over 34 hectares of vineyards, of which about two thirds are planted with blue grapes. Well-known international grapes, but also grapes that you only find here, such as Duras, Braucol, Muscadelle, Loin de l'oeil and Mauzac.

Jean-Marc Balaran and his wife Roselyne produce the entire range of Gaillac wines: from full reds to crispy whites and sweet wines. Domaine d'Escausses regularly receives prizes at regional and international wine competitions.